LM Dash – Lotus model


LM Dash – LTE Edition

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LM Dash – Lotus version Plug&Play

Fully digital expandable dashboard developed to be fully Plug&Play for Lotus Elise or Exige without any mod

Main features:

  • Capacity Display Touchscreen 7″
  • Customizable RPM lights
  • Inegrated audio
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to update the OS
  • CAN BUS connection
  • Gear indicator
  • Original cluster compatible
  • Original Lotus compatible connector 24 pin
  • Fully customizable alarms and service manteinance remainder
  • Watch
  • RACE function with manual stopwatch and Delta Live Time
  • 5 different layouts/styles with customizable colours

LM Dash – LTE edition

LMD-LTE LM Dash is project and designed to be installed and used on every model of Lotus Elise and Exige, from first 1996 rover Elise Mk1 to last 2021 models.

Very easy to be installed, just remove your old speedo, plug the new LM Dash and turn on your key to use a advanced technology that will change your way to use your Lotus thanks to our incredible fast software that will cancel any kind of lag.

Thanks to the rear 8 pin connector will be possible to add  LMD-EXP, Expasion box, it will add a lot of functions, for example:

  • tyre pressure and temperature real time controll
  • GPS and GPS tracker
  • full remote alarm system
  • outside temperature
  • accelerometer with online ranking
  • and many more under development…